repairing kit

repairing kit


Re-coating a rink or a box can be more economical than buying a new one. Rink frames generally last much longer than the surface materials in them. Recoating the boards and the boxes of the ice dasher board system will increase their service life by several years.


In our warehouse, you can find a wide selection of rink board materials of different thicknesses, such as kickstrips, top sills, side plates.


Recoating of the rink can be done either on site or by sending us the old frames for recoating.

We will draw up a plan for resurfacing the rink. We list replaceable parts, materials and their fastening accessories. In addition, we prepare project-specific installation instructions for recoating.


Spare parts and accessories

player gate lock

Durable laser cut stainless steel player gate latches. Composite handle on latch.

Profile hinges

A hinge suitable for the profile rink. Durable hinge made of electroplated parts.

Player gate lock with push-button

Durable laser cut stainless steel player gate latches. The latch has a composite handle and push button. Used in gates with shielding.

Pipe hinges

A hinge suitable for a tubular framed rink. Durable hinge made of electroplated parts.

service gate lock

T10024 Service gate lock

The lock of the service gates is very strong and easy to use. The lock works with one hand and requires no other adjustments. The lock locks and keeps the gate securely closed and centres the doors in place. The lock can be installed in almost all types of rinks.


shield end padding

Shielding end pads, strong PVC fabric. To be attached to the aluminium post when the glazing is finished at the player boxes.

Suojauksen päätypehmuste
Suojauksen päätypehmusteet

curved end shielding

Curved end shielding 8mm thickness: 1800mm and 2000mm.

Kaareva päätesuoja
Kaukalon suojaukset

rink shielding

Rink shielding

The crowd protection systems for ice dasher board systems have several material options and support solutions. Special attention has been paid to player safety by minimizing the distance between the rink and the flexible playing surface. The end points of the shielding are equipped with curved end protections in accordance with the new requirements, or with shielding end padding used in smaller halls.

Either composite or aluminium poles are used to support the shielding, which are integrated into the frame structure of the rink. The top sills of the rink are ready for the installation of the posts.

Compoline - posts

Shielding supported by transparent composite posts. The posts are installed through the top sills, which together with the rink enables a uniform and flexible structure.


Profiline - posts

Shielding supported by aluminium posts. The posts are installed through the top sills, which together with the rink enables a uniform and flexible structure.


retrofit curved end protection

The shielding end points are equipped with curved sheets in accordance with the new requirements, which replace the traditional padding at the shielding end point.

Curved shielding can be retrofitted to old rinks instead of paddings. The curved end guard consists of a small bulkhead that is attached to the rink. A curved end guard and special posts are installed on top of the bulkhead, which are flexible and allow the curved guard to move in the event of a tackle.


Jälkiasennettava kaareva päätesuoja

camera corner


camera corner

Game situations are often filmed near the goal in the short end. A natural place for photography is in the arch. To make photography easier, we make a “camera angle” in the rink shielding at one arch element, in other words, the shielding has a wider sheet so that the photographer has an unobstructed view of the field.

camera hatch