Storage solutions

Rink element storage pallets

ICEPRO Rink element handling and storage pallets 

Designed to ease the storage and movement of rink elements. Elements laid out in order stay neat and installation is faster when the elements are in order and can be easily moved.

Shielding storage pallets

ICEPRO Storage pallet for shield elements 

Shielding handling and storage cart

ICEPRO Storage cart for shield elements 

Suitable for moving shielding.

Compoline-post storage rack

ICEPRO Compoline post storage rack

Designed for Compoline post storage.

Compoline-tolppien varastointiteline

Compoline-post storage pallet

ICEPRO Compoline-post storage pallet.

Designed for Compoline post storage.

Compoline-tolppien varastointilava

PROFILINE-post storage rack

ICEPRO Profiline-post storage rack.

Designed for Profiline post storage.

PROFILINE-tolppien varastointiteline

equipment cart

ICEPRO Equipment cart

Equipment cart with sturdy push handles and ball-bearing wheels. Thanks to the ball-bearing wheels, the cart moves smoothly even in tight spaces. The cart can be used, for example, to transport equipment.

general purpose storage cart

ICEPRO General purpose storage cart.

General purpose storage cart for rink elements, end shielding and other ice rink equipment. The sturdy cart has a push rail, detachable vertical support beams and ball-bearing wheels.