Dressing room furniture and accessories

Dressing room furniture

Dressing room furniture

ICEPRO manufactures locker room furniture especially for ice rink venues. Our selection includes bench models for training rinks, guest dressing rooms, referees’ dressing rooms and locker solutions for the representative team. Other important equipment are skate-resistant floor coverings and drying rods. 


The starting point for the design of ICEPRO locker room furniture has been durability and functionality in ice hockey arena conditions. The furniture is dimensioned with hockey equipment in mind, and their scale is suitable for the use of the players. In our collection, you can find various furniture solutions, from general locker rooms to locker room models for the representative team. 


Dressing room furniture is always designed and manufactured according to dimensions, taking into account the arena conditions and wall structures.

Practice arena dressing room furniture

Dressing room furniture is always designed and manufactured according to the project. In the design of the furniture, wall material, radiators, piping and other possible factors hindering the installation of standard furniture are taken into account. We map out the site’s requirements before starting the design.


ICEPRO harjoitushallin pukuhuonekalusteet

Away team dressing room furniture

In ice arenas where there is active game activity, there is usually locker rooms reserved for the away team and the representative team. The team’s needs are usually taken into account when equipping these locker rooms. The dressing rooms of the representative or away team must have enough space for all the players of the team and their equipment. The furniture should take player-specific seats into account.

In the ICEPRO furniture collection, you can find a furniture solution designed for the needs of the away team, where player-specific seats are made with dividing walls. Our furniture solution includes player benches, backrests, shelves and dividing walls.


The appearance of the dressing rooms can be achieved with colours. The changing rooms can be designed according to the colours of the hockey team. Dividing walls and furniture fasteners are available in different colours. In addition, the boards can be tinted to the desired colour.


Dressing cabinets for the representative team

The ICEPRO representative team’s locker is a solid piece of furniture with a plywood frame that has been surface treated. There is a lockable box under the seat for your belongings, if necessary. There are skate stands on the shelf, where the skates can be stored in a vertical position for the better drying and without dulling the blades. The colours of the dressing cabinet can be tinted according to the colour scheme of the team or the rink. 


ICEPRO lockers are dimensioned with hockey equipment in mind and the scale of the furniture is suitable for use by players. The goalkeeper’s cabinet is wider in size. 


Edustusjoukkueen pukukaappi

Movable furniture

Valkoiset loossit

Dressing room furniture for temporary usage

ICEPRO mobile lockers are designed for temporary use. The sturdy, plywood-framed dressing cabinet is quick to assemble and install. White cabinets can be taped to make them suitable for temporary use. 

This cabinet collection is designed for arenas where, for example, world championships are held, when more dressing rooms may be needed temporarily. The white colour of the dressing cabinet allows you to tape them to match the colours of the teams or countries. 

This cabinet model was used in the 2021 World Championships in Riga, where the football arena was temporarily transformed into an ice hockey arena.



Dressing room equipment

Drying rack

Ceiling-mounted tube framed drying rack. Powder coated red. Drying racks are often also individually designed for each changing room, depending on the size of the changing room.

Size: 2500 x 600 x 900mm

Skate stands

Skate rack to be installed on the top shelf. On the stand, the skates dry in a vertical position.

Material: PE, colour black.​
Size: 19 x 30 x 270 mm

Stramatel clock

A clock that is installed in the changing rooms, shows the time of the intermission.

Size: 460 x 180 x 90mm​
Weight: 2,5kg

C10032 Stick holder

Stick holder to be installed on the wall. Powder-coated steel.

Size: 1000 x 106mm​
Colours: Blue and white

Storage unit to the dressing room

A counter for goods. Includes storage boxes and cabinets.

Tactic boards

Tactics board

A lightweight tactics board with an aluminium frame. The ceramic magnet writing surface can be written on with a marker. Marker shelf and wall mounts are included in the package.

Dimension: 910mm x 610mm

Tactic sticker, small

The handy tactic sticker can be applied for instance on a file or a notebook. The sticker can be written on with a marker and cleaned with a damp cloth.

Sticker size: 149mm x 275mm

Tactic sticker

The handy tactic sticker can be applied for instance on a file or a notebook. The sticker can be written on with a marker and cleaned with a damp cloth.

Sticker size: 665mm x 360mm

PC tactics board with suction cups

A handy tactics board that can be fastened with suction cups. The board can be written on with a marker and cleaned with a damp cloth.

Size: 400mm x 700mm