ICEPRO – Joukkueen uudet vahvistukset

More force to Team ICEPRO

ICEPRO has circulated posts in this autumn. Sales Team has been strengthened with Mr. Topi Palo. Topi is very familiar with ICEPRO products in beforehand, because he has been working at ICEPRO workshop and installation team already great number of years. Topi is also enthusiastic ice hockey player, playing in Ylivieska Jääkarhut.

New production manager is Mr. Antti Filppula. Antti has also strong experience on ice hockey as a player and coach, and ICEPRO sales as well. Antti is on sick leave at the moment but returns on duty beginning of January.

Former production manager Mr. Jarkko Laitala has moved to draft & design. Jarkko has been serving ICEPRO more than 10 years. Jarkko has very long experience on ICEPRO products, production and installation. He is also former hockey player active e.g. in Ylivieska Jääkarhut.