ICEPRO OY invests in growth and development!

ICEPRO Oy, has been operating in Ylivieska since its founding in 2010, will transfer all its operations to Oulainen and will continue operating there from Monday, April 24th, 2023.

ICEPRO’s operation have grown significantly over the past two years, and the premises in Ylivieska have been running maximum capacity for a long time, and there was no expansion opportunity available. When the bankruptcy of Rai-Ta Sport Oy, a competitor in same business, became news at the beginning of the year, we started negotiations with the bankruptcy estate regarding significant assets related to hockey rink products. In the negotiations with the bankruptcy estate, a solution was reached, and at the same time, an opportunity was also offered to utilize the premises used by Rai-Ta Sport in Oulainen, which are much larger than ICEPRO’s previous premises.

If there is a will, solutions emerge, and so we decided to move all our operations to Oulainen before the hectic summer season.

From April 24th, 2023, our new address is Ylivieskantie 186, 86300 Oulainen, Finland