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The media solution integrated to the ICEPRO high- safety rink is based on a novel video solution created by Martin Professional that is controlled using a system called P3 also developed by Martin.The system consists of LED strips, power supply units and a system processor. The system processor is connected to the power supply units through a local area network. More than one pow- er supply unit can be connected to a single system pro- cessor.The LED strips are connected to the power sup- ply units using a single cable that carries both power and control data. If the capacity of one system processor is not suf cient, several processor units can be used in par- allel.
As the system processor has a graphic user interface, con guring the settings is easy. A graphic user interface is used to perform video mapping, adjust media surface settings and monitor the system. Key controls, such as brightness and video mapping, can also be controlled in real time using the processor’s user interface or through DMX light control signals.
The system is safe both to the players as well as the au- dience, and makes it possible to create completely new kinds of experiences in hockey matches.
Technical speci cations:
• Bright LED strips (4000 NIT)
• LED strip brightness and colour calibration down to the level of individual pixels • No latency difference between individual LED strips.
All changes are synchronized throughout the system.
• Simple cabling from the power supply units to the LED strips
• Key settings and features can also be controlled using DMX light control signals • Total height of ice rink and ice dam is 1100 mm
• Audience shield material is toughened 10 mm polycarbonate, H = 1750 mm
• Audience shield support structure: Compoline LED, H=1600 mm
• Flexibility values: 23 mm H = 1100 mm,
62 mm / 63mm H= 1550 mm, 60 kg / 3.37 m/s

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