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Compoline LED light effects help you take the at- mosphere of your matches onto an entirely new level. Light effects integrated to the audience shield can be used to build atmosphere and highlight key moments of the match.
Compoline LED is a light effect system developed in col- laboration by Hartwall Arena and ICEPRO that is integrat- ed into the audience shield. It is part of the arena’s world-class lightshow, and was integrated to the rink in the full update that was done in summer 2014.The existing ICEPRO Steeline rink was updated with high-safety Compoline LED arena shields, the support beams of which were  tted with a LED media sur- face developed in collaboration with Studiotec.As the purpose of the update was the make the arena more versatile, the new rink is also very fast to install and to dismantle.
The light effect surface is integrated into the support struc- tures of the arena shields and is visible both to the audience and to the ice. Every individual pixel of the Compoline LED system can be controlled separately.They can be used to pro- duce multi-colour light effects, or the media surface can be used for playback of digital and analogue video images.
The new rink at the Hartwall Arena is Europe’s  rst premium- level  exible rink, and meets the high standards set for player and audience safety as well as demanding usability, versatility and appearance requirements.
“This summer we worked very hard to make Hartwall Arena the best ice hockey arena in Europe, and the Compoline LED light sys- tem is a very important part of this project.The public really loves it, and it de nitely gave new life to the Jokerit pre-game show as well as the overall atmosphere at the arena. ”
Roman Rotenberg The Chairman of the Board Arena Events
”The coloured lights of the dasher boards have certainly contributed to the overall atmosphere of the arena.Their impact is felt especially be- fore the game when the house lights are low. Our players have also been very excited about them.The home arena is naturally a very spe- cial place for them, so it is important that we have been able to create top-class settings.”
Jari Kurri General Manager Jokerit Hockey Club Oy
OY - Ratakatu
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