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ICEPRO STEELINE is a rink solution developed especially for multi-purpose arenas and for maximum player safety – two years before the present recom- mendations came to effect. It is very fast and easy to install and dismantle by the arena personnel, and can easily be stored away. Narrow side elements by the box- es make more space available for the benches.The latches of the player doors are laser-cut stainless steel. The handle, made of composite material, is pleasant to use to both with the glove and a bare hand.The boxes are  tted closely to the boards, eliminating crevices that accumu- late dirt and litter.
The advanced STEELINE structure prevents warm air from  owing from the audience area to the ice. Condensation and the formation of ice rivulets in element joints is reduced con- siderably.
The latch of the STEELINE service gate is the best in the market.The mechanism can be operated in three directions with one hand. It centres the gate and holds it shut tightly while also automatically adjusting kick plate height.
STEELINE is the premium high-  exibility dasher board solution. The rink installed to the Hartwall Arena in 2011 has seen demand- ing use in the Finnish National League and as aWorld’s Cham- pionship arena in both 2012 and 2013.The Hartwall Arena rink was updated in 2014, after which it has hosted matches of the KHL league and received praise from the players for its excellent safe- ty properties.
In multi-purpose arenas installing and dismantling the rink must be fast and easy. The built-in bracket system of the STEELINE elements enables the rink to be installed and disman- tled completely or partially quickly and easily.
The STEELINE rink is also high- ly versatile. It can be altered and cus- tomised by selecting the components, structure options and features that are best for the intended use and the facility.
The guide components integrated to the ICEPRO ice dam prevent the dasher boards from sliding on top of the ice dam.They also make installa- tion faster as the board elements al- ways snap into place.
Each board element corresponds to a matching ice dam element of the same length.The ice dam can be installed as required to surround the entire rink or only a part of it. The system can also be customised in terms of dimen- sions, anchoring and positioning.
The ICEPRO ice dam is thermally in- sulated. Its standard height is 60 mm.

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