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The rear panel of the STEELINE dash- er boards can extend to the  oor or can be left open near the base (see picture) to make installation and dismantling easier.
ICEPRO STEELINE – for maximum safety and  exibility. A next-generation  exible dasher board solution with are- na shields supported by transparent vertical composite beams for premium stadiums.
The STEELINE series changed the game concerning dasher board  exi- bility and safety properties of ice hock- ey rinks. It was designed from scratch. The lower section of the frame, made of special pro le sections, is rigid. Flex- ibility increases symmetrically when moving upwards, producing a uniform, high-safety dasher board structure with integrated side and end shield sup- ports.The support beams are mounted through the railing, encasing the beams inside the  exible dasher boards and forming a uniform, highly  exible are- na shield structure. The ledge between board top and the inner surface of the arena shield is narrow and safe.As the arena shields are supported by the beams, the shields can be made of more  exible and lighter materials than using a fully unsupported board structure.
STEELINE is the most commonly used dasher board solution in the Finn- ish Ice Hockey League: it is used in the ice arenas of Vaasa, Kuopio, Lahti, Kou- vola, Lappeenranta, Rauma and Pori. Since 2014, a STEELINE rink has also hosted the KHL matches in the Hart- wall Arena in Helsinki.
The part of the railing facing towards ice is very narrow and requires no additional pad- ding – often the component that breaks down.
l Transparent vertical arena shield supports.
l Fully  exible structure; a truly  exible dasher board solution.
l Symmetrically  exible pro le-based frame with three vertical and eight horizontal braces.
lMaximum player safety through maximum  exibility.
lGuide parts between elements; 2 guides per joint.
l The elements can be detached and removed at any point.
l In the standard version the elements are bolt-mounted.
lQuick-mount components are available as an option.
l Each joint has two brackets.
l The quick-mount components are
also available as a retro t option. l Fast and easy installation and
dismantling for multi-purpose arenas. lGuide parts between the ice dam and
the dasher board elements make installation a snap and prevent the boards from shifting on top of the ice dam.
l Thermal insulation of the ice dam ensures the ice quality stays uniform also near the boards.
lAn advertisement shield system that attaches to the rear of the
dasher board is available as an option.

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