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The latch of the
service gate is
simply the best
in the market.
The mechanism can be operated in three directions with one hand, and it automati- cally centres and holds the gate tightly shut.
All details of the ICEPRO SUPERLINE rink are  nished, safe and user-friendly. The latches of the player doors are laser-cut stainless steel.The han- dle, made of composite material, is pleasant to use to both with the glove and a bare hand.The boxes are  tted closely to the boards, eliminating crevices that accumulate dirt and litter.
In multi-purpose arenas installing and dismantling the rink must be fast and easy. The brackets inte- grated to the SUPERLINE dasher board elements enable them to be installed and dismantled com- pletely or in part quickly and easily.
The SUPERLINE rink is also highly versatile. It can be altered and customised by selecting the compo- nents, structure options and features that are best for the intended use and the arena.
The guide components integrated to the ICEPRO ice dam prevent the boards from sliding on top of the ice dam.They also make installation faster as the board elements always snap into place.
Each board element corresponds to a matching ice dam element of the same length.The ice dam can be installed as required to surround the entire rink or only a part of it.The system can also be customised in terms of dimensions, anchoring and positioning.
The ICEPRO ice dam is thermally insulated. Its standard height is 60 mm.
thermal barrier structure prevents warm air from  owing from the audience area to the ice. Condensation and the formation of ice rivulets in joints between elements is reduced considerably.
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