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Sturdy and reliable Finnish skate sharp- ening machines.
6050011 ICESTEP 350. A compact portable model for all skate types.With easily adjustable wheel pro ling di- amond. Dimensions: 350 x 280 x 270 mm. Weight: 18.5 kg. Power: 350 W / 240 V. Wheel dimensions: 150 x 6 x 32 mm.
6050010 ICESTEP 500. A heavy-du- ty model for all skate types.Two sharp- ening wheel pro ling diamonds. Dimen- sions: 400 x 350 x 370 mm.Weight: 21 kg. Power: 500 W / 240 V.Wheel dimen- sions: 150 x 6 x 32 mm.
6050016 Road case for sharpening ma- chine. Hot-dip galvanized steel. Can
be used with both ICESTEP models. Case dimensions: 425 x 365 x 425 mm.
6050012 Diamond peg for wheel shap- ing (0.3 carat).
6050013 Holder for goaltender skates. A more sturdy holder for goaltender and player skates. Painted steel. Lever locking.Weight: 1.6 kg.
6050014 Skate holder (standard).
6050015 Gliding pro le tool for wheel shaping.This optional instrument can be used to create any wheel shape. Com- plete with guide blocks for 4, 5, 6 and 8 cm blades. Other sizes available on re- quest.
6050017 Sharpening machine wheel (brown)
6050018 Sharpening machine wheel (red, Moleab)
6050019 Sharpening machine wheel (red,Tyrolit)
The combination of an ICESTEP 500 machine with the gliding pro le tool for blade shaping and a ICESTEP 350 ma- chine for blade pro ling is a highly ef-  cient combination for skate mainte- nance – perfect for personalised, fast and ef cient sharpening.

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