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IceCap® Pro is the original waf e pattern com- posite  oor tile. It has been used for more than a decade around the world.The 2.5 x 122 x 244 cm tiles weigh only 25 kg and are tough, strong and maintenance-free – an ice covering system that is reliable and lasts long.
IceCap® Pro FASCOAT coating for compos- ite tiles.A layer of sprayed polyurethane makes the surface even tougher and increases friction. The appearance of the surface becomes slightly more grainy.Available in a range of colours.
IceCap® Lite-Duty is a lighter version of the ice cover system. IceCap® Lite-Duty is an affordable solution to applications where the  oor is used less frequently and loads are lighter than in big arenas. The 1.6 x 122 x 244 cm tile weighs only 15 kg and is the perfect choice for arenas where the tiles are not used regularly.
IceCap® is fast and easy to install and remove. Covering a standard-sized ice rink takes a little more than one hour even with a small crew. The tiles can be left on the ice for days without a risk of the tiles freezing to the ice.
IceCap® has excellent load capacity and can be driven over with a forklift or a truck without break- ing the tiles.
IceCap® storage system consists of storage racks on which the tiles are stacked.The racks are then
stacked to save space. One rack accommo- dates 45 tiles, and 13 racks are required to accommodate the tiles required to tile up a standard-size ice rink.

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