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IceCap®  oor tiles enable any ice rink to be con- verted into a dry area for other events quickly and easily.The patented IceCap® composite tiles have been used since 1997 in multi-purpose arenas around the world.
IceCap® is a multi-purpose  oor material made of compressed glass  bre reinforced polyurethane foam that enables ice arenas to be converted to event venues quickly and easily. IceCap® tiles en- able a small team to cover a large ice rink quickly. The tiles can be left in place for several days with- out the risk of them freezing to the ice.The patent- ed waf e pattern of the bottom surface is designed to keep cold air under the  oor and has excellent insulation properties. Despite its lightness, the ma- terial is very durable and has excellent load capac- ity and long service life even in demanding envi- ronments.
l Material: glass  bre reinforced polyurethane l Standard tile dimensions: 122 x 244 cm,
152 x 244 cm. Other sizes available on request.
l The patented waf e pattern keeps cold air in compartments beneath the tile.
l Easy to install, remove, clean and store to wait for the next event.
l Light and easy to handle.
l Good impact resistance.
l Very good resistance to wear.
l Sealed composite surface absorbs no  uids or chemicals.
l No crimping, crumbling or tearing.
l Can be driven over with forklift or truck without breaking the tile.

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