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Repairing an old rink, box or bench may sometimes be more cost-effec- tive than having a new one installed. Rink and box frames typically last much longer than surface materials, and re-surfacing a rink or a box may extend its service life up to ten years. Elements and boards can be replaced one by one, but the best way to repair a rink usually is to renovate the entire rink in one go. ICEPRO repair sets are always made to order and contain all surface materials and supplies that are required for the job.
PUCK BOARD (ICE-SIDE DASHER BOARD SURFACE): l10 mm UV protected high-density
polyethene (HDPE).
Colour: RAL 9010 (white) or: l17 mm coated birch plywood
EXT glued.
* Coating 1900 g/m2 with smooth, shiny gelcoat  nishing.
* Audience-side surface: 1200 g/m2
glass  bre mat.
* Colour: RAL 9010 (white) both
l 12 mm UV protected HDPE; blue, white, yellow, red...
* Machined of rolled polyethene sheet.
* Regular or pebble surface.
* High-safety material: withstands freezing and hard impacts without
l12 mm UV protected HDPE (yellow or white)
* Machined of rolled polyethene
l Withstands freezing, hard impacts
and knocks from the maintenance machines.
* Bevelled top edge attaches to the board snugly and without crimping.
l All required rivets, screws and bolts. ICEPRO supplies all types of surface components, spare parts and mounting hardware in all shapes
and colours.We have:
l Kick plates: 8 mm and 12mm, with
advertisement groove, with or
without guard groove.
l Hand rails: 12 mm or 13 mm,
several colours, all widths, milled to speci ed radius if required.
l Advertising products: base boards, shields, top and bottom strips...
l Back panels: HDPE panels and new coated back panels – also available in different colours.
lNew non-moulding ICEFLOOR box  oor tiles...
...simply everything you need! Also ask for ICEPRO’s new pebble-surface hand rails, advertisement strips and COMPOGRID  oor tiles! Our lat- est products also include a new, very light multi-molecule board for out- door rinks.

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