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ICEPRO rink dividers are light and easy to use. The frame of the rink divider is made of T6 alu- minium, and it has black railing and a blue or white high density polyethene wall section mounted to the frame with stainless steel rivets. Flexible polyu- rethane guide pegs between the elements link the elements securely and make the structure safe also in collisions.
ICEPRO rink dividers are available in two stand- ard heights: 150 mm and 510 mm. A sturdy han- dling and storage pushcart that is easy to handle in con ned spaces is also available.The pushcart has a strong push bar, removable vertical support bars and caster rear wheels.
4010005 ICEPRO rink divider, aluminium, 510 mm
4010001 ICEPRO rink divider, aluminium, 150 mm
4010002 ICEPRO handling and storage pushcart for aluminium rink dividers

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