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Everyone at ICEPRO has worked a long career as a player, coach, team manager or an ice hockey parent.
The in-depth understanding of how ice rinks and arenas work and their con- ditions and needs that we have accu- mulated over the years are gives us an excellent foundation for product devel- opment and pro table business.
Together with customers, employees and experts, we continuously develop and improve our products and services.
At ICEPRO, the safety of the players is the focus of all development work.Al- though most injuries occurring in the rink are caused by factors other than board contact, every injury is one too many, and all measures to prevent them should be taken.
The risk of injury can never be eliminat- ed completely, but their frequency and impact can be reduced.
Thanks to their  exible frame and structure, ICEPRO dasher boards rep- resent the latest generation in ice rink safety. Injuries are often caused by com- ponents breaking down during a match or the use of materials that are not ap- propriate to the demanding sport in the  rst place.This is why we always use the best available and tested materials and technical solutions.
An ice arena is always a functional whole. All components must be com- patible and form a system that works seamlessly.The key concerns we focus on are safety, functionality and cost-ef-  ciency.All three have to be maintained over the entire service life of the are- na. Rink structures must be  exible, safe and compatible with other facilities of the arena so that matches and rehears- als can be carried out safely and ef - ciently.Attractive design also makes the
ice arena more comfortable and enjoy- able to use.
We work together with our customers to establish a clear understanding of the requirements of each individual rink or arena. Relying on our long experience, we plan and choose the best rink struc- tures, equipment and components for the customer.We create a project plan for the customer and re ne it togeth- er until it matches the customer’s re- quirements precisely.When everything is clear, complete delivery at the agreed time is easy to achieve.
Focus on the customer, reliable delivery and constant development of our prod- ucts and services are the key values that guide our operations.
ICEPRO provides its customers com- prehensive solutions implemented with individual touch and always custom- ised to the needs of the customer and the facility. Best results are achieved by combining our knowhow and the cus- tomer’s own experience.
We are your one-stop solution for all equipment and supplies for ice rinks and arena – from the planning stage to implementation. Let’s build perfect so- lutions together.
With best wishes for future collaboration, TEAM ICEPRO
13 FI-84100 YLIVIESKA Tel. +358 8 349 600 info@icepro.  www.icepro. 

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