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4060005 4060006
4000023Vertical padding for ice hockey goal
4000022 Top padding for ice hockeygoal
4000021 Bottom padding for ice hockey goal
4000024 Skate shield for ice hockey goal
4000001 Ice hockey goal (of cial ICEPRO model).Dimensions:
183 x 122 cm.Very strong structure.
4000003 Ice hockey goal (ICEPRO practice model).The strongest prac- tice goal available on the market. Strong steel tube frame.
Dimensions: 183 x 122 cm. 4050001 Goal net
ICEPRO 5 mm, no knots.
4000002 Leijona League of cial mod- el. The strongest junior goal availa- ble on the market. Strong steel tube frame. With replaceable steel spikes. Dimensions: 130 x 90 cm.
4050002 Goal net LEIJONA PRO 5mm. Cut to the shape of the Leijo- na League goal.
4000025 The goaltender’s best friends right after the goalposts! Blade shields that are attached to goal posts. For practice and match goals. Prevent blade dulling. Material: impact-resist- ant, freeze-resistant (-30 °C) plastic. Easy to use. Attaches  rmly and re- liably.
4000013 Goal anchor retro t socket for concrete  oors. A stainless steel socket for gluing to concrete base.
4000012 Replaceable inner sleeve for goal anchors. Stainless steel. Prevents
damage to  oor socket when drilling to ice.
4000011 Moulding attachment rail for goal anchors. Ready for installation to concrete base or stone ash  eld.Ad- justable height.
4060006 ICEPEG 12Fe/30 goal an- chor for match and practice goals. Strong polyacetal frame / 12 mm steel peg. Replaceable peg part.
4060005 ICEPEG 20/30 goal anchor for match and practice goals. Non- stick surface that accumulates no ice. Same aperture as in  exible brackets.
4060004 ICEPEG 20/100 PRO  ex- ible goal anchor. For match and prac- tice goals and for of cial matches.
4060007 ICEPEG 20/100 PREMI- UM. Flexible goal anchor with guide top and replaceable  exible part. For match and practice goals and for of - cial matches.
M000008 Replaceable  exible part for goal anchor 4060007 (not shown).
4050200 Strong ice hockey goal trans- portation cart with handles and pneu- matic tires.
4000006 ICEPRO mini goal. Dimen- sions: 60 x 35/45 cm. Red, durable, turnable goal. Net available as sepa- rate product.
4050002 Mini goal net; one net per four goals.
4104090 ICEPRO tiny mini goal, di- mensions 40x60/50x60cm. A small goal for practicing. Strong turnable goal made of powder-coated (RAL 5012) galvanized steel. Goal dimen- sions50x60cm(40x60cmwhen turned).
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