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In many arenas the ice rink needs to be disman- tled completely or in part during or after the sea- son. In many cases the elements are then simply stored against a wall, on a pallet or, in the worst case, simply stacked on the  oor. ICEPRO has de- veloped a new, versatile storage solution that can be adapted to the needs of all rinks and arenas tak- ing the space and the handling equipment available into account.
Our ice rink element storage pallets are modular, which means that the base pallet can be extended as required.The base pallet is made of robust steel pro le hot-dip galvanized according to the ISO 1461 standard. It is intended to be handled using a forklift.The pallets are rated for 1500 kg.The rink elements are attached to the pallet using a car- go strap. Guard rails can be added to one or both ends of the pallet as required.The rail is mounted vertically to sockets in the pallet.The rails support the rink elements and prevent the stack from col- lapsing.The pallets can also be  tted with a plastic, plywood or ICEFLOOR bed. Pallets  tted with a bed may also be used to store other maintenance equipment and machines.
Fitting the pallets with the optional wheels enables them to be handled manually without any handling equipment.The load capacity of pallets with wheels is 900 kg. Pallets with wheels may also be handled using a pallet wagon. An auxiliary frame that en- ables pallets without wheels to be handled using a pallet wagon is also available for all pallet mod- els.The pallets can also be used for storing sheets of acrylic plastic or polycarbonate.The complete storage system consists of different kinds of pal- lets designed and dimensioned to match the cus- tomer’s requirements.
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