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OY - Ratakatu
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ICEPRO is also a pioneer of player and referee boxes and benches.We were the  rst manufacturer to introduce box and bench structures made com- pletely of synthetic materials. No organic materi- als are used.This improves the health and safety of both amateur and professional players as the ICE- PRO boxes and benches do not mould.The boxes are always designed according to the needs of each individual arena and the space available, and can be equipped with different  ttings as required.
The composite-structure COMPOGRID  oor used in the boxes is ventilated from below. The height of the  oor is adjusted using support feet made of hot-dip galvanized steel attached to the foundation.The feet, adjustable from above, can be attached to almost any point, allowing for space for  oor drains, cables and tubes to be left under the boxes as required. Box walls, upholstered on both sides, attach to brackets in the base structure. Building and dismantling the boxes is fast and easy.
ICEFLOOR  oor tiles are laid on top of the COMPOGRID base. ICEFLOOR is a new  oor material for boxes, corridors and locker rooms. It is resistant against moisture, and its strong and du- rable surface layer withstands the load of the skate blades.The dark grey surface layer has a coin pat- tern and is easy to keep clean.
ICEFLOOR materials do not rot or mould even in moist conditions.The boxes and the benches can be washed down with hose or a pressure washer. Drains can be installed in desired positions. ICE- FLOOR tiles can also be  tted on existing level surfaces.
M000012 ICEFLOOR 9 x 1500 x 3000 mm l For installation on existing level surfaces.

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