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ICEPRO service gates are reliable, strong and easy to use.The multi-pur- pose lock of the service gate repre- sents the cutting edge of the industry and is simply the best solution availa- ble for the job.
The lock is very strong yet exception- ally easy to use. It locks the gate, holds it shut tightly and automatically aligns the doors precisely. The lock can also be retro tted to most rink types.
The kick plate of the service gate is raised and lowered using the open- ing bar. The opening bar lifts up the kick plates of the service gate when the gate is opened, and lowers them when the gate is locked by pressing downthebar.Usingthegateissimple, and it makes maintenance work eas- ier.The doors of the service gate can be  tted with  xed or completely ad- justable hinges.
The lock is open.The handle of the lock and the kick plates of the service gate are raised with a single
motion. No screws or other adjustments are required.
The gate is locked.The handle and the kick plate are in the lowered position.
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