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OY - Ratakatu
Photograph: the shooting practice range of the Jokerit ice hockey club in the rehearsal room of the Hartwall Arena.
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For high-performance shooting prac- tice! We supply shooting practice pads and ranges with plywood and synthet- ic ice surface and for installation on ice. The practice pads can be  tted with high safety walls or equipped with glass, polycarbonate, acrylic plastic or poly- ethene shields or fabric or armoured netting. Indoor shooting practice rang- es are additionally covered with a ceil- ing net.
Shooting practice ranges can be in- stalled with freely standing support feet weighed using concrete blocks, or can be anchored to the  oor using various methods. Example dimensions include 6
x7.5m,6x9mand9x12m,butother sizes can be built as required. For out- door use the so-called “vandal proof ” steel mesh nets and goal bases are rec- ommended.
Example of an outdoor
(summer) shooting practice range: l Sides 6 x 9 m
l Protective steel mesh nets
l Plywood  oor with steel frame l Goal bases
l Replaceable shooting pad made
of high density polyethene (HDPE) l A box of ICEPRO pucks
4000052 BLACK GOALIE.A heavy-du- ty version of the practice goalkeeper. Ma- terial thickness: 20 mm. Colour: black. Ul- tra-durable.
4000051 WHITE GOALIE practice goalkeeper.A sturdy practice goalkeep- er.Attaches to the goal frame with hooks. Thickness: 10 mm. Shape identical to BLACK GOALIE.

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