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l Tile dimensions:
332 x 332 x 10.5 mm
l Single tile weight: 0.4 kg
l Tile weight (m2): 3.6 kg
l Weight of a full-size 30 x 60 m court (1800 m2): 6480 kg
The STILMAT  oor tiles are designed for roller hockey, tennis, basketball,  oorball, handball and other team sports both indoors and out.The tiles are made of a special polypropylene compound.
The STILMAT  oor is easy to build, remove, store and clean.The sides of the tiles have inter- locking bits that join the tiles  rmly and make in- stalling and dismantling the  oor easy.All tiles are replaceable.
A team of  ve can install a  oor surface of 1800 m2 in 5 to 8 hours. As the tiles have matte sur- face they do not re ect bright lights or sunshine. Standard colours are light and dark blue, red and yellow. Other colours are available by request. Court marks are made to the  oor tiles by taping.
STILMAT tiles can be installed on most load- bearing surfaces, but in games such as  oor hock- ey best results are achieved by laying the tiles on a hard surface. In case the tile  oor is used out- doors, the ice sheet can be frozen on top of it without removing the tiles.
STILMAT tile  oors have been used in  oor hockey world championship tournaments in 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2010.
STILMAT tiles withstand water, ice, mechanical stress and most solvents. All normal detergents can be used for cleaning them.

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