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ICEPRO is an innovative designer and manufacturer of ice rink equipment – the company that introduced the new gen- eration of attractive high-tech ice rink products to the market.
ICEPRO responds to the changing needs of ice arenas. Development of ice rink equipment has been in standstill for years.The safety of the players is given little attention, while the game has simultaneously become rougher and the number of injuries has increased.
ICEPRO’s entrepreneurs and em- ployees are experienced professionals who have been in charge of designing, manufacturing and installing hundreds of rinks all over the world.They have also worked long careers as ice hockey players, coaches, team managers and ice hockey parents.
ICEPRO designs and supplies ice rink structures and equipment adapted to the individual requirements of each arena in the form of ef cient and timely turnkey deliveries.
ICEPRO specialises in ice rink struc- tures, dasher boards, arena shields, player and penalty boxes, referee and scorekeeper boxes, goals and other rink supplies and equipment.We also supply game clocks, scoreboards, seating sys- tems and locker room  ttings.
ICEPRO was established in 2010 to respond to an important need in the industry.The development of playing con- ditions had been in standstill for years. Requirements concerning ice rink safety and functionality had increased constantly as the game had become more aggressive, but no substantial improvements had been seen for a long time.
Meanwhile, serious injuries were occur- ring regularly. Every injury matters – and most of them can be prevented.
ICEPRO ends this period of stagnation. Over the course of our professional ca- reers we have been in charge of engineer- ing, manufacturing, delivering and installing rinks and equipment to hundreds of are- nas around the world.
We have delivered the equipment to the most demanding arenas, including several World Championship and Olympic sta- diums.
We have innovated and developed many ground-breaking technical solutions and ways of using materials that have become established standards and are now used worldwide.
13 FI-84100 YLIVIESKA Tel. +358 8 349 600 info@icepro.  www.icepro. 

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