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The end shields are 1500 mm high, very strong polycarbonate elements.Turnable steel mesh elements (standard height 1600 mm) can also be used as end shields.
The dimensions of the mini-goals embedded in the long sides are 600 x 400 mm.The goals are made of powder-coated galvanized steel.
ICEPRO PLAYLINE is a general-pur- pose rink for recreational outdoor use. It is an excellent choice for school- yards, parks and small sports facilities. The frame is made of hot-dip galvanized square-pro le steel, while the outer shell is made of high density polyethene at- tached to the frame with stainless steel rivets. The rink can be equipped with anchored support feet or support feet weighed with concrete blocks. In the wintertime the rink can be turned into an ice skating area.
The height of the ICEPRO PLAYLINE rink’s end boards is 1100 mm, while the height of the side boards is 550 mm. The standard rink has no service gates or player doors, but they can be added on request and positioned freely taking the element joints and spacing into ac- count.The rink can be  tted with a mul- ti-game  oor or arti cial turf. The end boards can be  tted with 1500 x 1000 mm goals, while the side boards can ac- commodate smaller 600 x 400 mm goals. Basketball hoops can also be installed to the end shields. The colour of the rink can be chosen to match existing colour schemes, and the outside surfaces can also be panelled upon request. Polycar- bonate shields (shown in picture), steel mesh elements or textile nets are availa- ble as end shields.

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