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The service gate of the ICEPRO MONILINE multi-purpose rink fea- tures an adjustable support beam that keeps the gate upright and functional after the ice is made and also in harsh winter conditions. The service gate has adjustable kick plates that are lift- ed and lowered using the door han- dles. They make maintenance work easier as the service gate can still be used when the thickness of the ice layer increases.
The mounting brackets and support structures of the ICEPRO MONI- LINE dasher boards are planned on a case-by-case basis according to user requirements. Support structure op- tions include support feet frozen or anchored to the ground or weighed with concrete blocks.
The standard radius of the ICEPRO MONILINE corner section is 7.65 metres, but it can be reduced down to 1.53 metres.The colours of the plastic side boards can be chosen to  t exist- ing colour schemes. For around-the- year use, however, plain white is rec- ommended.
A storage and handling system that makes it easier to transport and store the elements when dismantled is also available for the ICEPRO MONI- LINE rink.
The height of the steel mesh shields of the ICEPRO MONILINErink can be increased using lightweight safety nets in case a nearby building or road needs to be protected.
The structure consists of lightweight metal support beams and textile net- ting attached to them.The wind load and the weight of the structure are lower than those of a correspond- ing steel mesh structure.The solution may reduce the total cost consider- ably as no separate fence structures requiring earth moving and founda- tion works need to be built.

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