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The ends of the rink can be equipped with multi- purpose goals, and the safety barrier above them can be  tted with a basketball backboard, rim and a steel mesh net.
The ICEPRO MONILINE rink is a highly versa- tile multi-purpose dasher board solution for out- door rinks. It can be turned into a general-purpose sports  eld, ice skating  elds of different shapes and sizes or an ice hockey rink suitable for school use. The frame is made of hot-dip galvanized square- pro le steel.The external shell is made of high den- sity polyethene plastic or GRP plywood (accord- ing to the customer’s wishes and the intended use). The outer shell is attached to the frame with stain- less steel rivets.The rink is  tted with support feet that can be anchored or frozen to the ground or weighed using concrete blocks.
The height of the ICEPRO MONILINE multi- purpose rink elements is 1100 mm. Service gates and player doors are made on case-by-case basis and can be positioned freely (taking element joints and spacing into account).The multi-purpose court can be  tted with arti cial turf ideal for summer use, and sockets for volleyball and tennis nets can be installed.
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