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PROFILINE arena shields are attractive and improve player safety.The material can be polycarbonate, acrylic plastic or
toughened glass.
Our kick plates always come ready with the  eld markings.
The colour of the railing can be selected to match the colour scheme of the arena.The sides of the audience shield support beams that face towards the ice can be powder coated to the desired colour.
The ICEPRO HOCKEYLINE rink is a high-safety,  exible dasher board solution. It is an excellent choice for rehearsal rinks and small arenas.
The support structures of the HOCKEYLINE dasher boards can be modi ed almost without limit.They are al- ways designed on a case-by-case basis taking user needs and existing structures into account.
The support feet can be anchored or frozen to the ground or weighed using concrete blocks.The support feet are made using high-precision laser cutting, and they can be installed and removed without disconnecting the adjacent elements.The latches of the player doors are la- ser-cut stainless steel.The composite handle is pleasant to use both with the glove as well as with a bare hand.
Boxes and player benches  t closely to the dasher boards leaving no crevices that accumulate dirt and litter.
The multi-purpose latch of the service gate represents the latest technology of the industry.The latch opens and locks the gate when the lever is turned, aligns the gate precisely and holds it shut tightly.The kick plates of the service gate move up automatically when the gate is opened and move down when the gate is locked.

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