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The Hockeyline rink elements are made of very strong square steel pro les.The support beams of the end and side shields are integrated into the frame of the dasher boards through the railing.
ICEPRO HOCKEYLINE is the traditional ice hockey rink with an adaptable support structure that makes it an excellent choice for both new and renovated arenas.Thanks to the reinforced frame, the boards are very durable.
The frame is made of strong, hot-dip galvanized pro-  le steel.The side boards, railings and kick plates are made of high density polyethene and are attached to the frame with stainless steel rivets. The sup- port beams can be anchored through the frame, an- chored support feet can be used, or the frame can be frozen to the ground or weighed using concrete blocks.The height of the ICEPRO HOCKEYLINE dasher board elements is 1100 mm or (as an op- tion) 1250 mm. Service gate and player door posi- tions are decided on a case-by-case basis and can be positioned where required.
The arena shields of the ICEPRO HOCKEYLINE rink are supported by aluminium beams attached to the exterior surface of the dasher board frame. Shield material can be polycarbonate, acrylic plastic or toughened glass.
The rink can also be  tted with an ADPRO adver- tisement shield system. For boxes and player bench- es we recommend dasher board back panelling to keep the boxes smart and easy to clean.

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