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OY - Ratakatu 1
3 FI-84100 YLIVIESKA Tel. +358 8 349 600 info@icepro.  www.icepro. 
The ICEPRO WESTELINE rink is durable, high-safety rink that is easy to install, dismantle and maintain.
The WESTELINE system is suitable for both small rehearsal rinks as well as large arenas.
Thanks to its highly versatile support structure options, the WESTELINE dasher board solution can be adapted to almost all needs.The support structure is designed on a case-by-case basis de- pending on the arena and the anchoring method that is used.
The support feet can be anchored or frozen to the ground.The feet are made using high-precision la- ser cutting, and can be installed and removed with- out disconnecting the adjacent elements.
The latches of the player doors are laser-cut stain- less steel.The composite handle is pleasant to use both with the glove as well as with a bare hand.
Boxes and player benches  t closely to the dasher boards leaving no crevices
that accumulate dirt and litter.

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