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ICEPRO WESTELINE is the next-generation dasher board solution with a symmetrically  exi- ble pro le-based frame and high-safety side and end shields supported by aluminium or transparent composite beams.
The WESTELINE rink is ideal for new and ren-
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ovated ice arenas of all types. It is a complete light- weight, durable and  exible dasher board solution consisting of a pro le-based frame and side and end shields supported by vertical beams.The beams that support the side and end shields attach through the railing, forming a uniform,  exible structure that en- ables the use of lightweight,  exible and safe shield materials.
Our new products include the WESTELINE PRO dasher board solution with a dual-structure lower frame section that requires no supports. Thanks to its versatility, the WESTELINE rink is also excellent for renovations and upgrades where conventional anchoring solutions are not available.
The WESTELINE rink complies with the speci-  cations of the Flex Rink Committee of the Finn- ish Ice Hockey Association – up to the Champion- ship League level.
l Fully  exible structure; a truly  exible dasher board solution.
l Flexible frame built of special pro le elements with redesigned vertical and horizontal pro le sections.
l Low, high-safety ledge between inner board surface and the arena shield.
l Guide parts for rink elements; 2 guides per joint. l The elements can be detached at any point.
l The support structure can be adapted to all new
and renovated rinks and arenas.
l Front- or rear-installed advertisement system
l Rear panel down to frame bottom or to
speci ed level.

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